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vs. Traditional Education

What is the difference between Montessori and Traditional Education?

If you are new to Montessori education, often the first question you might ask is “what makes Montessori different?”

The Prepared Environment

Montessori classrooms are prepared in advance based on observations of the students’ individual needs. They include student-centered lessons and activities.

Traditional classrooms are based on teacher-centered lessons or activities.

Active vs. Passive

Montessori lessons are hands-on and active. Students discover information for themselves.

Traditional school lessons are often orated to students who listen passively, memorize, and take tests.


In the Montessori classroom, children work on lessons as long as need be, and interruptions are avoided whenever possible.

Time limitations are mandated by arbitrary schedules in traditional classrooms.

The Teacher's Role

Montessori teachers act as guides and consultants to students on a one-on-one basis. They assist each child along his or her own learning path. 

In traditional schools, the pace and order of each lesson is predetermined. The teacher must deliver the same lesson, at the same pace, in the same order, for all of the students.

Age Groups and Grade-levels.

In Montessori schools, “grade-levels” are flexible and determined by the child’s developmental range, i.e., 0-3, 3-6 years of age.

In traditional schools, grade levels are not flexible and strictly defined by chronological age within a twelve-month period.

Adaptable Curriculum

Montessori curriculum expand in response to the students’ needs.

Traditional curriculum are predetermined without regard to student needs.

Pace Yourself

The individual child’s work pace is honored and encouraged in the Montessori classroom.

Traditional classrooms expect all children to work at the same pace.

Self-Made Self-Esteem

Montessori understands that the child’s self-esteem comes from an internal sense of pride in his or her own accomplishments.

In traditional classrooms, self-esteem is thought to come from external judgment and validation.

Love of Learning

Montessori curriculum are intended to appeal to the child’s innate hunger for knowledge. Children learn to love learning.

Traditional curriculum focus on standardized test performance and grades. Children learn because it is mandatory.

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