Features of the Montessori Method

1. A study of the MONTESSORI METHOD has revealed the small child as a lover of work, spontaneously chosen and carried out with profound joy.

2. It is based on profound respect for the child’s personality as an individual.

3. It enables the teacher to deal with each child individually in each subject, and thus, guide him / her according to his / her individual requirements.

4. Each child works at his / her own pace; hence the quick child is not held back by the slow, nor is the latter obliged to flounder along hopelessly.

5. It does away with the competitive spirit and its train of baneful results.

6. It is based on years of scientific observation of the child.

7. It is based on the child’s imperious need to learn by doing. At each stage in the child’s mental growth, corresponding occupations are provided by means of which he / she develops his / her faculties.

8. Finally, the Montessori Method develops the whole personality of the child, not merely his / her intellectual faculties, but also his/her powers of deliberation, initiative and independent choice with their emotional complements. By living as a free member of a real social community, the child is trained in those fundamental social qualities that form the basis of good citizenship.